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Business Events Canada

What We Did

Business Events Canada

The Challenge

To grow Canada’s share of business events, by promoting the Canada brand and supporting our destination partners’ efforts to compete and win business.

The Solution

Modernizing BEC’s marketing and communications planning cycle and digital platform to strike a balance between adding complexity in terms of market outputs against maintaining a fairly straightforward and light planning process.

The Results

At the center of BEC’s transformation strategy was the shift from channel-centric marketing where content and digital experiences are often disconnected from each other to Prospect centric marketing where marketing and communications messaging happens through an omnichannel and segment targeted plan.

We deployed two complimentary digital hubs that syndicated their content into social media, paid media, and 3rd party sites. In addition to driving traffic to the hubs through syndication, our eCRM program directly targeted prospect lists to drive visits to their hub experiences.


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