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Travel Yukon

What We Did

Travel Yukon

The Challenge

Despite having limited resources and budgets, Tourism Yukon wanted to step on the path of innovation to transform how they plan and support a global marketing practice. They wanted to adopt not just a consumer-centric planning practice, but a new operating model to govern their marketing content capabilities.

The Solution

Loudscout developed an enterprise content strategy and organizational model that could stretch the limited resources and budget against an integrated destination marketing plan to be more adaptive, nimble and integrated.

The Results

Tourism Yukon is well on the path of realigning its internal resources, building out new agency relationships, and radically changing the way they plan and market their destination.

Tourism Yukon may just be one voice in a community of storytellers that have so much to tell about their remarkable destination, but they are the voice of tourism leadership and innovation for a tightly knit industry.

Travel Yukon

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